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Shannon Flanagan

Assistant Trainer

Lexie Boley has been teaching as a professional since 2017.  She has been with Silent Knight Stables since 2012.  Lexie received a Bachelors in Science in Kinesiology in 2019 from the University of North Texas.  

Silent Knight Stables


4574 Masch Ranch Rd Krum TX 76249 

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Telephone: 9403679948

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About SKS

Silent Knight Stables is a Hunter/Jumper Barn located in Krum, TX.

Owner Shannon Flanagan believes the rider and horse are a team and encourages building a strong relationship through time spent together.  Students at SKS learn not only to ride, but to perform all aspects of horse and tack care.  Students learn the skills necessary to compete at their chosen level.

"I feel very welcome here at SKS. I love all the girls here and they have been very welcoming. I enjoy having my horse here and am very glad to be riding at SKS."

"I love the barn, it's not too big yet not too small. All the horses are amazing and there are always new horses coming in. The trainers are truly the best! They are dedicated to helping us improve while also making it fun!"

​"Silent Knight Stable is an amazingly fabulous facility.  Shannon Flannagan's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect. From the barn staff, to the instructors, to the owner, they all adhere to the same philosophy...quality.  Quality of care for their boarded horses, quality of instruction for their students, and quality of guidance from the owner. The instructors encourage and push their students and athletes to achieve their personal best, remaining committed to safety and integrity, all while having fun."

​"My daughter loves riding at Silent Knight! Her skill level improves with each lesson and she has been welcomed so genuinely by the riders and trainers."

"I really feel like Silent Knight is a place where I fit in and found home. I’m an adult rider and have always felt a part of even amongst the junior riders. Shannon and Lexi have always made me feel at home no matter where I was at in my riding. All of the barn moms are truly supportive as well. People are treated with respect and even though I don’t have a horse Of my own, I know that the horses are so well taken care of. Shannon and Lexi know how to pair their horses to each rider. They have let me take my own path no matter where that led and have always extended the hand of kindness. I would highly recommend Silent Knight to anyone looking for a supportive, friendly atmosphere."

​"I have ridden and shown here for the past 4 years. Great trainers and atmosphere."

Shannon Flanagan has been teaching as a professional since 1990.  She established Silent Knight Stables in 2004 in Krum, TX for lessons, training and boarding.  Shannon pushed to start IEA in Zone 7 in 2012 and has had teams since then. Shannon has a degree in Animal Science and was a Registered Veterinary Technician.

​​Head Trainer


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